Led Grow Light Distance Chart Guide- 101GrowLights

Maintaining proper distance between plants and grow lights is crucial for the healthy growth of the crops. Cannabis plants use the energy they capture from the grow lights to maximize yields by growing bigger buds, and healthier stems. In this case, you need to ensure that the plants get adequate light without causing any burns to the plants or overheating.

Maintaining a LED grow light distance chart that helps you not go overboard when monitoring light levels is the best way to do this. Plants go through several growth stages before harvesting. The stages all need light for proper growth, but light outputs and distance calculations differ from one stage to the next.

Lighting systems come in different forms that include LEDs, LECs, HPS, CFLs, and T5s. HPS, LEDs, and LECs come with more lighting outputs and are the best for the most potent buds and highest yields. Cannabis growers prefer using LED grow lights because they come with features that provide specific light spectrums that target all the plants’ lighting conditions.

LED grow light technology also provides more cannabis yields over a shorter period than traditional lighting systems do. Other benefits that make LED…

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