Iraq War Veteran Sues Colorado Cops Over Raid on Legal Medical Marijuana Grow – News

A U.S. special forces veteran is suing the city of Fountain, Colorado and its police force after cops raided his legal medical marijuana grow. Eli Olivas, who was awarded the Bronze Star after serving in both Iraq and Bosnia, and his girlfriend, Marisela Chavez, are suing the city for failing to properly train its cops to investigate marijuana grows in the canna-legal state.

According to the Denver Post, in the early morning hours of July 22, 2016, a SWAT team raided Olivas’ home with a warrant for marijuana, firearms, and ammunition. According to the lawsuit, the warrant was based on weak and untrustworthy evidence. Olivas was legally registered with the state as a medical marijuana user after being diagnosed with combat-related PTSD. The veteran was legally growing 18 cannabis plants in a greenhouse surrounded by a privacy fence, well within the state’s legal limit of 99 plants.

The cops fired a flash-bang grenade, broke down one of the gates of Olivas’ privacy fence, and placed him and his girlfriend in handcuffs. “The unconscionable aggression of the police would have traumatized any person, but given plaintiff Olivas’ history serving his country in combat, it…

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