How to Use Humidity Packs to Cure and Store Weed

Humidity plays a huge role in the quality of cannabis post-harvest, as well as its lifespan once in the jar. Properly cured and stored flower can remain a sensory smoke show of flavor, smell, and effect long after it’s sold. However, if moisture levels are off during the curing process or while being stored in the jar, even the highest-grade flower at harvest can fall victim to mold when too wet and harsh and degraded trichomes when too dry.

Like all good things in life, dank weed is ephemeral. But there are things we can do to slow its inevitable roll to the great beyond. Whether you’re a home grower with a heap of harvest or a customer looking to make the most out of your dispensary run, it’s essential information to know how humidity will affect your cannabis during and after the curing process.

Keep scrolling to learn about the complexities of maintaining humidity, or skip ahead to the best humidity packs for weed.

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Cannabis and humidity: relative vs. ambient

There are two types of humidity to consider when curing and preserving flower. Relative humidity refers to managing the…

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