How to Spot Moldy Weed

One of a grower’s greatest fears is moldy weed. It can happen to anyone, strike anytime, and quickly destroy an otherwise beautiful harvest. Of course, any cultivator that operates with integrity would never sell moldy weed, but even perfectly dried buds can grow a funky fungus. 

How does weed get moldy, and what happens if you smoke it? Read on to learn how to spot moldy weed and best practices to avoid it.

How Does Weed Get Moldy

Mold is a fungus that can grow both sungrown and indoor crops, affecting cannabis harvests in many climates and environments. All that mold needs to thrive is moisture and limited airflow. Mold produces mycelium, which forms airborne spores that are minuscule in size. These spores attach themselves to a damp surface and begin to proliferate and perpetuate the growth cycle. Some types of mold can increase quickly. The most common causes of mold in a grow site are wet environments, lack of proper airflow, high humidity, and improper storage. Mold can grow on a live plant reasonably quickly in a humid climate but can also be spotted on trimmed buds.

What Does Moldy Weed Look Like

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