How To Properly Trim Your Weed

For a perfectly rounded and smokable bud, you have to do your trimming properly. This is where we step in to teach you how to trim like a pro. Whether you choose to trim your buds while they are wet or dry, a proper trim ensures you get the final product you’re looking for. To learn more about trimming, read this instructional article.

Well, this is one of those essential articles you should read if you are a grower. Trimming your weed properly is fundamental to a high quality product. If you’re really interested in harvesting great weed, trimming matters. It doesn’t just affect the way your final product looks, but it also affects how powerful your final product is. This article will show you the different ways you can trim your weed and will give you a full in-depth tutorial about how to do it well.

Dry trim or wet trim?

Growers come at trimming from two different angles. Buds can be trimmed before they are dried (i.e., when they are wet) or afterwards. Growers choose their method based on preference so there is no right or wrong way of doing it.

It is definitely easier to trim your buds when they are…

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