How To Detect And Treat Cannabis Light Burn

Light burn or light stress is a common issue when using grow lights to grow your cannabis. Even with the fear of light burn, you cannot grow the crops without light because they use light for food, energy, and development.

However, if you go overboard with the lighting systems, your crops will suffer the consequences of light burn or light stress. The problem mostly occurs when the light proximity to the plants is short or not large enough. How do you detect cannabis light burn, and how do you treat it? Read on to find out.

What Is Cannabis Light Burn?

Light burn or light bleaching occurs when the plant canopies get too close to the grow lights. The leaves take a bleached or white look instead of the usual green color. Light burn mostly occurs to plants growing indoors than they do to those growing outdoors. The sun is too far away from outdoor cannabis plants to cause light.

Cannabis is also a resilient plant that has, in the years, learned to adjust to the natural sunlight, preventing light stress. When you hang grow lights too close to the plants indoors, the plants become overwhelmed and lack the strength to fight the power from the lights.

Too much light destroys the…

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