Growing Pains: California’s Legal Cannabis Industry Struggles with Supply and Distribution Concerns – News

Photo According to a report from the Associated Press, California’s adult-use cannabis retailers say their supplies are already running low, and a lack of properly licensed cultivators and distributors may soon be unable to keep up with increasing demand, especially as the backstock of last year’s crop begins to dwindle. Html” target=” blank”>told the AP. “The black market will balloon if we can’t get legal, licensed producers to step into the industry.

“Many growers hope that distributors will help to ensure revenue is distributed more equitably throughout the supply chain than was possible under the collective model.

California regulators have continued to issue licenses across the cannabis supply chain throughout January, but with most adult-use retailers still relying on product grandfathered in from the state’s previous medical program, it’s still too early to know what will happen when that weed runs out and the Golden State’s grace period comes to a close.

In the meantime, California cannabis officials are trying their hardest to solve the impending shortage before tourists and residents alike abandon the still-growing adult-use retail system. “We don’t want people going to the black market because they can’t get product from the legal market.

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