Denver Police Claim Black Market Cannabis Grows Have Exploded Under Legalization – News

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Colorado police officers tasked with curbing Denver’s black market marijuana grows want help. Responsible for sniffing out as much unsanctioned bud as possible in order to slow illegal out-of-state exports, D.P.D.’s Marijuana Unit is overwhelmed by what they say has been a huge increase in illicit cannabis cultivation in the years since legalization.

According to a report from Denver’s CBS affiliate, the city’s pot squad has doubled its number of undercover detectives on the street since Colorado legalized medical marijuana in 2000, and this month’s outdoor harvest season has apparently called for even more manpower.

“Now is the busy season,” said Denver P.D. Sergeant Aaron Rebeterano. “It’s kind of known as the harvest season for us. People are starting to see the plants grow over the fences and they’re getting to a large enough size that they can be seen from public view just by walking by.”

Thanks to those self-snitching colas and some pretty obvious home grow indicators like multiple air conditioner units running full blast in late October, Sergeant Rebeterano says his team has been serving five to nine…

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