Charities Are Refusing Contributions From Cannabis Companies Despite Legalization – News

There’s no denying that the growing success of the cannabis industry has led to some altruistic outcomes. Whether it’s through public school funding or special programs for veterans, tons of money and resources have been put towards the betterment of society. However, many charities are still shunning contributions from marijuana companies, even those located in legal states.

A recent article in Forbes shared the story of Organa Brands, a massively successful cannabis company that wanted to give back to the local community, that found out that charities were unwilling to accept their helping hand. On top of that, those that reluctantly agreed to take donations from the business would only do so if the money was gifted anonymously.

A number of organizations rejected donations from Organa Brands, including Wounded Warriors, American Cancer Society, and the Children’s Hospital Foundation. Organa Brands President Chris Driessen stated that the rejection “was a slap in the face” and sent a harsh message that basically told his company “you’re a drug dealer.”   

Still, some organizations have shown appreciation by agreeing to work with Organa Brands,…

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