Cannabonsai: How to Grow a Marijuana Bonsai Tree

Marijuana bonsai is still more of a concept than it is a real thing. There are definitely people out there trying it, but many are sceptical about whether or not it really fits in with the principles of bonsai. To learn a bit of bonsai history and whether or not marijuana has a place in it, keep reading this article.

Imagine your buds and leaves growing lusciously on the stem – only in miniature. That’s the fundamental essence of growing bonsai, along with the long history that comes with this art form. Yes – bonsai is a form of artistic expression, at least according to the Chinese masters who practised this cultivation method. The result is tiny trees, even tiny ecosystems that are beautiful in form, texture and colour.

Growing bonsai is basically a lifetime commitment, and a lot of bonsais outlived their Chinese masters. It is an exercise in patience, labour and attention to detail to create a magnificent bonsai. Is it even possible with cannabis? There are definitely some obstacles to growing marijuana bonsai trees, even if you’re already quite an experienced grower.

To understand how to grow a marijuana bonsai tree, it’s essential to…

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