Cannabis Plant Seizure Statistics Show Indoor Grow Ops Are an Increasing Trend in California – News

Although California voted to legalize recreational cannabis last year, state law enforcement and the federal government are still at war with black market growers, many of whom operate in the heavily forested areas of the state. But new federal statistics on plant seizures shows an increasing trend in indoor cultivation.

According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, authorities took 313,000 plants from indoor grow operations in California in 2016, making up a whopping 75 percent of all indoor plants taken across the nation. Only 8 percent of California’s total seizures were indoor pot plants, but the number is the highest total in at least eight years. These statistics on the increase of plant confiscation comes from both local and federal law enforcement agencies.

A DEA spokeswoman in San Francisco recently stated that she was “unable to speculate” why authorities are seizing more indoor marijuana than usual. Last year, the drug agency released a report explaining the rise in indoor cannabis production, claiming that it’s “more difficult for law enforcement to discover and has the advantage of not having to rely on climate conditions or growing…

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