Best Weed Trimming Scissors for Harvest and Pruning

Trimming cannabis is an extremely important part of the harvesting process. Trichomes — the chemical compounds that dictate smell, taste, and effect — are located on the outside of the leaves and buds, so a bad trim job can render even the best weed vibe-less.

Below, we spoke to small-scale growers to find the best trimming scissors for your own harvest.

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What are trimming scissors, and why do you need them?

Trimming scissors are high-quality gardening shears used by cannabis farmers to trim away unwanted leaves and not damage the bud.

Due to the fragility of cannabis nugs and the importance of keeping the trichomes intact, a good pair of trimming scissors or pruning shears, which are larger shears used to trim branches off the plant while it’s growing and during the harvesting process, are a must when it comes to preserving flower.

While normal scissors are blunt on the end, clunky, and uncomfortable in the hand when used for long periods of time, trimming scissors are small, sharp, and have specifically been designed for botanical dexterity.

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