An Oregon County is Suing the State to Overturn Cannabis Legalization – News

Josephine County officials filed the suit with the U.S. District Court in Medford this week, arguing that the federal government’s prohibition on marijuana takes precedence over the state’s legalization of the plant.” target=” blank”>an ongoing battle between county officials and cannabis businesses who are growing legal marijuana in the municipality. Josephine County is currently one of the state’s largest producers of cannabis, but last year, county officials passed an ordinance imposing greater limitations on these businesses. Specifically, the ordinance prevented commercial grow-ops on residentially-zoned plots of land smaller than five acres, and imposed additional limits on larger plots of land.

A group of cannabis farmers challenged the ordinance, and a state court ruled it invalid after it was determined the city hadn’t followed proper protocol for passing the law. The county is appealing that decision, but has also decided to take things much further by filing a federal lawsuit which could potentially destroy the state’s entire cannabis industry.” target=” blank”> told Oregon Public Broadcasting that the county is “asking the court to declare whether the state lawfully has that ability to limit” the county’s options for regulating cannabis cultivators. Last May, 64% of voters in the county approved a non-binding ballot question expressing their official support for allowing the county to limit cannabis cultivation. Hicks said that the county is only trying to impose regulations “in the way that the people of the county and the governing body of the county have expressed that they would like to regulate it.

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