A Guide to Weed Culture Around the World

Ever wonder what the weed culture is like around the globe? Some countries, treat weed in a more spiritual, mystical way. Others relate it more to commercialism. But the fact remains, all over the world there are people experiencing, using, selling, and distributing weed for different purposes. If you are planning a trip, or just plain curious, read on!

As more countries make the move to legalize marijuana, and even more are taking baby steps to decriminalize it in small amounts, there is a growing fascination with weed and everything it encompasses.

From ancient mysticality and folklore to the plant’s most recent use in contemporary hemp-based textiles and fibres, the cannabis culture is wide-reaching.

While you might at first picture Rasta-style shops on the corner when discussing weed culture, the reality is that around the world, people are lighting up and chilling out in their own unique ways.

Though they’re bound by differing laws and restrictions, these smokers are united by one common thread: a devotion to this ancient plant and the symbolism and peripheral elements (think music, art, literature)…

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