9 Best Strains for Outdoor Cultivation

If you’re an outdoor grower, spring is the season to get those seeds germinated, and into the ground. However, knowing which strains will flourish in outdoor climates can be challenging. There are plenty of excellent options, and the good news is that you can grow many of them with limited expertise.

If you reside in a colder area with shorter summers, you might be inclined towards a fast-flowering strain. This ensures the harvest will be ready before fall and reduces the risk of botrytis in late flowering.

In Mediterranean climates with high humidity, indica strains with a dense bud structure might not be ideal. Whereas sativas with an open bud structure and more significant internodal gaps will allow sufficient air flow and reduce the probability of botrytis. If you are closer to the equator, then long-flowering sativas would flourish under the 12 hours of daylight, and 12 hours and darkness.

When searching for the perfect genetics, look for heavy-yielding cultivars resistant to mildew, mold, and other outdoor threats. Outdoor strains need to be robust and deal with fluctuating environmental conditions. These qualities are usually created by years of genetic selection and…

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