5 Reasons Not To Throw Away Your Male Plants

Even though your male plants are a threat to your harvest, they aren’t completely useless. There are many creative ways that you can use your male plants so that you don’t have to waste anything. If you are thinking twice about throwing your male plants, read this article for some ideas on what to do with them!

One of the first warnings you get as a starting grower is to get rid of your male plants as soon as possible. This is definitely true for the purpose of avoiding pollination of your female plants, but that doesn’t mean they’re utterly useless. If you’re trying to grow huge buds, then you need to make sure your male plants are far away from your females, but think twice before dumping them.

How to know if your plants are male or female

Before using your male plants (and not tossing them away), you need to know how to identify them in your garden. The female plants are the ones that will produce the buds that you will finally smoke. On the other hand, male plants just produce pollen sacks. When your plant enters the pre-flowering stage, it will start showing signs of its gender.

At the very point…

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