3 Sensi Seeds strains you can still plant right now

The cannabis outdoor season is on, or at least is has been so for a few months in the Northern Hemisphere. So many things to prepare and to fawn over on one’s way towards Spring and Summer! Perhaps this is why many cannabis growers find themselves seedling-less come June.
But for every grower issue, we have a seed bank solution! Check out in this article our top 3 of Sensi Seeds outdoor cannabis strains you can still plant in June.

Do you feel like joining in on the outdoor fun, even though most of your fellow growers have already started on their crop?
Good news: there is still time. However, put all chances on your side and select the right seeds for the right occasion!

For one, feminized cannabis seeds are the way to go for a late growing project. Not only will they make things easier for you, since there will be no need to watch out for male plants pollinating its female neighbours, they will give you a better chance to control your harvest. Plus, all automatic seeds are also feminized seeds. This means by selecting…

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