What Is THC-P: Benefits, Uses, and Legality

Have you heard about THC-P? This THC variant is one of the newest to hit the market, and it’s being slated as one of the strongest cannabinoids yet. Better yet, it’s made from hemp, so it’s available for sale online and in various retail locations outside of dispensaries. So what kind of high does it deliver? And how is it legal? All that and more in our guide to THC-P.

What Is THC-P?

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabiphorol – THC-P – is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in minimal concentrations in cannabis plants. Italian researchers first discovered it in select strains in 2019, but soon enough, hemp producers saw an opportunity to develop new products. 

Manufacturers found a way to make other alternative cannabinoids like Delta-8 and HHC in a lab. So why not THC-P? Despite being naturally occurring, there isn’t enough in a plant to infuse products like vape pens, gummies, or tinctures. Instead, scientists first extract and isolate CBD from hemp before putting it through a series of reactions that alter its chemical structure. This is precisely what manufacturers decided to do to procure enough of this cannabinoid to make entire product lines. 

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