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Cannabis consumers come in many forms so we’ve included multiple points of view in our strain reviews. Our longtime reviewers Monterey Bud and Duke London join Managing Editor Lesley Nickus and Suzanne from Marketing. Today, they’ll be reviewing Sote Choice Charlie Sheen.

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Monterey Bud

Sote Choice’s Charlie Sheen is on point! Aromatic and potent, these rock-hard byproducts of a ménage à trois between Green Crack, Blue Dream, and OG Kush are pure weedporn. Swollen trichomes and orange pistils protrude from between the tightly packed calyx. Compact, gluey, and marble shaped, the Charlie Sheen bud produces a lemon-centric aroma when dissected for consumption.

Bong time for Charlie, once broken apart and loaded in the bowl, the bud’s terpenes set the home office ablaze in fumes of lemon, pine, and citrus. A stoney toke, even for those with an elevated tolerance level, relief starts in the head and works its way throughout the entire body within a matter of minutes. #Winning

Duke London

Sote’s Charlie Sheen strain couldn’t be more “earthy.” It’s dense, crystal-covered greens and long autumn-colored pistils were a morning hike through a dew-covered trail. Citrus notes were immediately apparent, though not obnoxious. I hand-grated Charlie for a bit until it was ready to be thrown in the grinder, after which I rolled a joint. The end of the joint was dipped in real tiger blood — jk jk.

Much like the strain’s namesake, Charlie Sheen attacks the senses in an intense way. This is no snoozer strain. The high is enjoyable, though, very head-focused and relaxing.

Lesley Nickus

Charlie Sheen’s nugs are mostly dark green with some lime hues throughout, but they have a thick coating of trichomes, so it’s a little hard to tell the difference between the two shades of green. The bud was dense and had a consistent oval shape.

I smoked a blunt using a Hello Hemp Cone, which was nice because the blunt wrap didn’t add any additional flavors and allowed me to taste the flower. It was a smooth inhale with a somewhat perfumy aftertaste. I felt a pretty heavy head change that lasted about an hour.


What does it look like? It looks like it’s covered in trichomes. It has a darker leafy structure and orange hairs.

What does it smell like? Soft pine.

How does it feel? Easy to break apart. It sticks to my fingers.

How did you smoke it? In a joint.

How does it taste? … like a joint?

How do you feel? Happy.

Strain reviews are conducted on strains submitted by cultivators and brands for consideration. If you have a favorite strain you’d like us to review, share your feedback in the comments.

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