Different Types of Bongs: Which Is Best?

There are so many variations on the bong, it can be hard to keep up. Which one should you buy? Plastic? Glass? Multi-chamber? Well, you can relax about it. After all, smoking weed is all about chilling out and enjoying. We’re going to take you through the different kinds of bongs in this article, so you can make an informed purchase!

So, you’re on the market for a new bong. But oh – the choices! Seriously, buying a new bong is as important a life decision as buying a new car for some people. And rightfully so. They can be expensive if you decide to go for something fancy. But who says that fancy is always better?

I have to say that the difference between some bongs is really like the difference between an Aston Martin and a Ford. Bong designers have spent what’s probably the better part of the last century engineering the perfect hit of weed.

What we’re about to create for you is the “bong map”. Yes, it’s a way to get around in the world of bongs – because it really is a world on its own. It has basically become an artesian craft in the marijuana industry. So,…

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