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If you have access to fresh, raw cannabis buds, then smoothies can be an extremely enjoyable way to ingest them! If you don’t, then cannabutter also works for smoothies. These 4 recipes are deliciously fun to create and are sure to get you high. Keep reading to learn how to make these refreshing cannabis smoothies!

Sometimes, on a hot day, smoking a joint just doesn’t hit the spot. But a refreshing cannabis smoothie will almost always cool you down and calm your soul. In fact, in another article we discussed the health benefits of consuming raw cannabis, and some of the smoothie recipes in this article include raw cannabis.

If you don’t have access to raw cannabis, you can always use cannabutter or canna-oil in its place and enjoy some creaminess to your smoothie. In any case, you don’t always have to eat or smoke your buds.. You can drink a deliciously healthy smoothie and get the health benefits of cannabis at the same time!

Ingesting raw cannabis doesn’t actually bring about the psychoactive effects that we all know and love about weed. However, it does increase the…

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