HotbAUX: Famous Dex’s Smoking Playlist

Welcome to the hotbAUX, where we pass the auxiliary cord to our special guests during the sesh to find out their go-to smoking songs. Light up and plug in.

The only way to describe Chicago-born artist Famous Dex is “wild.” His music feels like taking three straight Sativa dabs, riding the old Gravitron ride from the carnival, and then doing parkour on your way to a game of laser tag.

However disorientating it may feel at first, Dexter’s music is definitely a fun vibe for your weekend turn-up. The rising artist made his Billboard Hot 100 debut in recent months with the electric A$AP Rocky-assisted “Pick It Up.”

The infectious record is currently positioned at No. 71 on the Billboard Hot 100, one spot behind Dex’s latest single, “Japan,” which is beginning to pick up steam behind a viral dance meme on social media.

Both singles appear on Famous Dex’s recently released debut album, Dex Meets Dexter.

In December 2017, Dex took to Instagram to let fans know he was in the hospital after his addiction to lean almost killed him. He promised he was done sipping the promethazine and codeine concoction and would only be indulging in weed to relax.

“I quit codeine, I don’t do the lean no more. That’s on my kids,” Dex said, “You’ll never, ever see me with a double cup. It fucked me up. I’m in the hospital right now. But I feel so better, I feel so good. God is so good.

“I want to let all my fans know, if y’all could stop doing this shit now. Really stop doing this shit, from the bottom of my heart. Because in the long run…your body will shut down on you, man.”

Dex, who is signed to Rich the Kid’s Rich Forever imprint and 300 Entertainment, seems to be flying to new heights this year, so we wanted to catch up with him and find out what kind of music he plays when he’s getting lifted.

Wiz Khalifa – “Kid Frankie”

The song is perfect, so chill and the beat just takes you out of your own mind when your smoking and the hook is perfect.

Famous Dex – “I’m High”

It’s pretty obvious, but I was high when I wrote this. It’s a good song to smoke with your girl.

Wiz Khalifa – “Up”

It has some old school elements in the core of the song, but it’s kind of chopped up to sound more trippy, it’s perfect! Not too complicated to listen to, it’s just a record to vibe with.

Wale – “Clouds”

First, you gotta watch the video with this song! The girl playing the guitar and everyone just hanging out in the kitchen smoking is like the perfect kickback.

Famous Dex – “Flying in Style”

This song is crazy, it’s like spoken word poetry. If I owned a weed cafe, I would have this song on repeat for everyone drinking tea and getting high.

Hit shuffle on this Famous Dex-inspired HotbAUX Spotify playlist:

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