Top 3 THC Mocktails for Winter

‘Tis the season of social gatherings with friends and family, which usually means gathering around food and drinks. If you are looking for ways to skip alcohol this year, all you need is a few great recipes for mocktails! However, no need to forgo a buzz altogether, just switch it up with THC beverages. Wynk sparkling seltzers are the perfect mixer for mocktails, allowing you to control how much you have and when you’d like a little more. To inspire your next happy hour, we’ve got three delicious THC mocktails for you to check out. 

Get Festive With Winter Mocktails

Winter mode is fully activated, and much of the country is covered in a gorgeous sheet of fluffy white snow. This time of year comes with many iconic moments, like making snowmen, hitting the slopes, and sipping hot cocoa by the fire. Let these cooler months be a time to slow down and be more present with those you love. Sometimes overindulging in alcohol means you might have fuzzy memories of a night with your friends, but THC drinks are a great alternative that can help you tap in and connect. 

Wynk seltzers contain equal amounts of THC and CBD, offering a mellow, smooth buzz. You can…

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