How To Make Cannabis-Infused Honey

Did you know that weed-infused honey is packed with a plethora of medicinal benefits? If bee honey was a food on its own, adding cannabis turns it into a superfood. In fact, the medicinal values of honey and cannabis complement each other extremely well. In this article, you’ll learn all about the benefits of honey and how to make your own cannabis-infused honey.

Behold what is arguably the medicine of all medicines – cannabis-infused honey. What we already know about cannabis and honey is that although they are fundamentally different, they both contain mountains of medicinal properties, and are both incredibly yummy. Infusing honey with marijuana makes for an extremely potent and long-lasting medicine.

Not all marijuana users were made alike, and although many of us really enjoy smoking, some of us prefer to go for other methods. But having said that, those making a health-conscious choice to eat rather than smoke marijuana sometimes end up buying sugary or salty edibles. And let’s be honest, that seems to be a health choice in the wrong direction.

Cannabis-infused honey…

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