HotbAUX: Guapdad 4000’s Smoking Playlist

Welcome to the hotbAUX, where we pass the auxiliary cord to our special guests during the sesh to find out their go-to smoking songs. Light up and plug in.

Today’s guest is Oakland-native Guapdad 4000, the self-proclaimed Ferragamo Falcon who entered the trending topics with his hilarious social media diatribes but stayed there with melodic odes to identity theft that just couldn’t be ignored. You should definitely check out some music from the expert “scammer” or buy tickets to see him live, just make sure to use your Paypal rather than entering your credit card information.

Guapdad had just hopped off a plane in LA after performing at South By Southwest and we were lucky enough to get a few minutes with him before he touched the stage at The Regent Theater, where he tore down the stage with fellow west coasters P-Lo and Mozzy.

When we asked the Prada Panther how he was adjusting to his new life as a traveling musician, he muttered, “It’s a sleepy one, I’m tired as hell. I’m just exhausted from collecting all this free shit and having all this sex, really. My life is so hard now.”

Guapdad is from the bay, so his strain of choice was really no big surprise.

“Lately, I’ve been smoking Cookies, exclusively,” said the comedic crooner. “I’m not that heavy of a smoker unless I’m super stressed out. In those scenarios, I completely support the use of marijuana because I really fucking need it. I like Cookies because I’m from the Bay and that’s what all my little brothers smoke, so that’s what they bring to me.”

But if the Cookie jar is empty, what would a custom Guapdad 4000 strain be like, and what ever would it be called?

“It would be really boujee,” said the rising star. “I want something that smokes really well, has a good nose to it but isn’t too overpowering. Less is more when you’re elegant.”

“I would call it Cartier Comfort Kush.”

Image courtesy of Tre Bravo

When you’re smoking Cartier Comfort Kush, what are your favorite songs to put on while you burn?

Oh man, it ranges. I like smoking to anything by Rick Ross. He has a song, and I forget how it goes, but it’s about his momma, I think. Or maybe it’s about his girl, I can never tell. He was like, ‘girl used to let me shoplift at Macy’s,’ and I was like ‘oohhh, my momma used to shoplift at Macy’s, too.’ Ross is very relatable.

Also, Frank Ocean. I’ll definitely throw on some Channel Orange, c’mon. I really love the new “Moon River” cover he did. That’s why I love Frank, I can throw him on repeat and just zone out and it will never get old.

I really like Tame Impala, they’re wild. I hope the project they supposedly have with SZA is real.

There’s a song on my project Scam Boy Color called “Lake Merrit” that’s great to smoke to.

My next project is called Valentino Viper, and I already have the homie Buddy on there, I have Reo Cragun on there, Iamsu! is on there, too. And then a whole lot of me. We’re all perfect to listen to while smoking.

We’ve compiled Guapdad’s picks and some of his own choicest cuts to bring you this HotbAUX playlist that you can hit shuffle on while you puff on some Cookies in the Balenciaga Bandit’s honor.

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