Here’s How the Cannabis Industry Is Solving Its Diversity Problem – News

The United States has an ugly and intertwined history of discrimination against minorities and cannabis. From misusing the Mexican word “marihuana” as a way to gin up anti-immigrant sentiment, to criminalizing the plant and targeting black and Latino communities as part of the devastating War on Drugs, the country has many wrongs to right. 

Something that can and should be addressed immediately is the underrepresentation of minorities in the booming cannabis industry. In states where weed is decriminalized, white men are now disproportionately benefiting from the plant, the use and sale of which justified the incarceration of far more blacks and Latinos than whites, despite similar usage. But there is some hope, as efforts are being made to increase minority involvement in the industry.

Join MERRY JANE News correspondent Brooke Burgstahler as she explores the disparities and what is being done to tip the scales.

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