Weed Weddings: 4 Ways to Infuse Cannabis Into Your Wedding

You might never have imagined a cannabis bouquet at a wedding – or a cannabis bar at the reception party. But the latest trend in weddings is the presence of Miss Mary Jane. People across the USA are beginning to plan their cannabis-themed weddings, and people are going mad over it! So don’t be a bridezilla, but it’s ok to be little bit high maintenance 😉

You can just imagine how many people in the 70s wished that they could have a legal cannabis bar at their wedding. It’s a real thing now. A legal thing. People across the USA are jumping on the opportunity to introduce legal cannabis as a feature of their wedding. Cannabis bouquets, cannabis bars, and even cannabis-infused alcohol.

Whereas once, themed weddings seemed tacky and distasteful, this themed wedding gets just about everybody to RSVP with a definite yes! Who wouldn’t want to attend a wedding that had a full spread of indica, sativa and hybrid to choose from? Imagine saying your vows while holding an entire bouquet of cannabis!

The wedding industry has always been, and will probably always be, one of the most profitable industries in the world. There’s no wonder that

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