Toke and Travel: Welcome to Fabulous (and Weed-friendly) Las Vegas

Las Vegas is swarming with hyped-up partygoers walking up and down the Strip or trying to make the guest list for pool parties at chic hotels and nightclubs. There’s also a side to Las Vegas that is a lot more chill, laid back, and relaxing. Sin City is known both for its fast-paced party life and its first-class dining and spa scene. So, whichever vibe you’re feeling, an elevated experience awaits.

Kind of.

Let’s dive into the wondrous world of weed in Las Vegas.

Rest your head

Nevada law states that marijuana must remain within state boundaries and can be consumed only in a private residence. So although it’s technically legal to consume cannabis, don’t expect the hotels and casinos to roll out the red carpet for your weed. Marijuana customers who are just passing through can buy weed but lack the private property to consume. Casinos are strict about cannabis consumption, so sparking a joint will cost more than a few hands of Blackjack if you get caught.

One option is to look up a 420-friendly home share through a short-term rental site. When searching for a 420-friendly guest space, filter through the options and select “smoking allowed” to weed out non-smoking properties. Some hosts use clever language to signal to hopeful tokers that their residence is hip to our vibe. Note that some only allow smoking outside, so be sure to read the fine print and clean up after yourself. And never assume “smoking allowed” is the same as 420-friendly. Got with your gut, ask, and be polite.

Get the hookup

If you’ve never been to Vegas, you’re in for a larger-than-life travel experience and dispensaries are no different. Las Vegas boasts dispensaries that are large, in charge and lit in more ways than one.

Essence dispensary caters to locals and visitors alike. The dispensary is located at the north end of the Strip near SLS Hotel and Casino, formerly the Sahara, and the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel, and Tower. The dispensary’s exterior is lit with neon green lights, so it’s never hard to find.

As you continue your journey north of the Strip, you’ll find Reef Dispensaries. Open 24 hours every day, Reef Dispensaries in North Las Vegas is home to exclusives strains such as Wiz Khalifa’s Khalifa Kush and Tryke. Reef Dispensaries also has a retail store located on the Strip for those who prefer to party on a little farther south.  

What does one of the largest medical and recreational marijuana marketplaces in the world look like? NuWu. Equipped with a drive-thru window, NuWu is nearly 16,000 square feet and has counters with a variety of medical and recreational cannabis products on display. The dispensary is located near Downtown Las Vegas and is open 24 hours.

Be prepared

These are only a few of the many dispensary options in Las Vegas. Find the dispensary nearest you or flex like a Vegas VIP and skip the line by placing a pre-order for in-person pickup with Weedmaps orders. Like everything else in Las Vegas, you’ll need to have a state-issued ID or driver’s license in hand to pick up your mobile order.

See the sights

Getting Around

Visitors can choose from a variety of 420 tours to visit the top dispensaries in Las Vegas. 420 Tours offers private VIP and group tours along with the option to escort guests from the airport to the nearest dispensary in private transportation.

Book an experience with Cultivating Spirits and sample locally harvested craft cannabis while dining on a gourmet meal prepared by a personal chef. Ideal for non-consumers, beginners, and connoisseurs, Cultivating Spirits pairs the finest cannabis with gourmet cuisine and curates a unique experience. The dinner is hosted at a residence or rental property and includes cannabis sommelier, chef, and serving staff to ensure a one-of-a-kind experience.

World of Weed

Calling all cannabis-enthusiasts! Explore your canna-curiosities at Cannabition, the world’s first cannabis museum. Set to open Sept. 20, 2018, Cannabition will be home to the world’s largest bong and provide an immersive experience. The exhibits will demonstrate the life cycle of the cannabis plant with hands-on displays.

Learn to make honey like the bees and sign up for a class at Extracts Academy. Get to know more about the current sciences and technology on botanical extraction in a licensed facility with live demonstration what happens behind the scenes of a real lab.  From closed-loop to distillation kits, Extracts Academy will teach you everything you want and need to know about concentrates. However, Nevada law forbids anyone from handling extracts unless they’ve been cleared through a background check.

Experiences While Elevated

If you’re into exploring nature, but don’t want to leave the Strip, take a stroll through The Park Las Vegas, an outdoor space outside T-Mobile Arena with trees and art installations that will make you forget you’re surrounded by casinos.

Splash through summer at pool parties at day clubs such as Marquee, located in the chic and trendy Cosmopolitan, and Encore Beach Club, located between the Wynn properties. Not used to the desert heat but still want to enjoy the pool? Part-goers can enjoy night swim sessions at XS, located in the Wynn, or Drai’s After Hours at The Cromwell Hotel with the hottest DJ’s from around the world.

Just because pool party season ends in October doesn’t mean the party has to stop. Get a group of friends and get your name on guest lists for popular nightclubs such as OMNIA, Hakkasan, and Light.

Finally, if you’re ready to dive in to one of Las Vegas’ most time-honored traditions — and want to do so 420 style — Cannabis Chapel hosts 420-friendly weddings and vow renewals that can include everything from reggae music to a photo shoot at notable locations such as the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign. The chapel was previously home to the iconic Cupid’s Wedding Chapel and revamped to cater to Mary Jane lovers from all over the world.

Nevada’s marijuana laws may favor residents of the state, but that doesn’t mean travelers shouldn’t be able to experience cannabis culture in Sin City. These are just some of our favorite marijuana-themed attractions, if you have more insider information on the hottest 420-friendly spots in Las Vegas, leave a comment and share your tips with fellow travelers.

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