Montel Williams says trading opioids for marijuana ‘changed my life’

Montel Williams believes that switching to cannabis may have saved his life from prescription opioids.

The former talk show host opened up about his decision to treat his Multiple Sclerosis with medical marijuana in a video for Yahoo! Lifestyle.

After being diagnosed with MS in 1999, Williams went on to abuse prescription painkillers for well over one year, admitting that he was “just trying to shut the pain down to the point that I was walking around in a pseudo-suicidal state.”

But after two suicide attempts, he decided to medicate with marijuana instead.

“The journey that I took with cannabis — it changed my life,” says Williams in the video. “That was probably one of the greatest things that happened in my life because that made me understand that I don’t need to take a pill. I was able to function on a daily basis and still mitigate my pain.”

A 2015 study by Tel Aviv University found that inflammation associated with MS can be treated with the main compounds found in cannabis, THC and CBD.

Williams concedes that while cannabis may not work for all patients, they should still be given legal access to a…

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