John Mayer Has Fully Embraced the Weed Life

Though marijuana culture lost a prominent figure from its ranks with the recent departure of Miley Cyrus, fear not — she’s been swiftly replaced by someone who brings far more to the table.

Phenomenal guitar player and generally-alright songwriter but still pretty funny guy John Mayer has officially joined the team by “thoughtfully entering cannabis life.”

The 39-year-old said as much in a March interview with the New York Times when talking about his return to music, but the powers that be within the marijuana hierarchy needed to see a little more consistency from the sometimes hard-to-pin-down musician before they laid out the cash for a custom tailored team jacket. Speaking of which, someone tell Miley she isn’t going to get her deposit back unless we get the garment returned, plain and simple. After the way she spoke about weed on national television, you’d think she wouldn’t even want it. I digress.

Then, in a brand new interview with Rolling Stone, Mayer showed his true commitment to cannabis culture, even ditching alcohol altogether in search of a less harmful hobby.

You recently said you were “entering cannabis life.” How is that working…

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