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Did you know stoners can be yogis too? In fact, marijuana and meditation go hand in hand to create the perfect stillness regime in your life. The benefits that you get from your meditation can be potentially amplified when you add marijuana to the equation. Keep reading this article to learn how marijuana and meditation combine for a new yogic trend.

There are some yogis out there who swear against using marijuana during times of introspection, but we have a different opinion.  Having once been asked to leave a meditation centre because I admitted to having used weed before arriving, I have some personal experience on the issue. But also having found the benefit to meditating with marijuana, I definitely stand with the “stogis” out there. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy these things at the same time, and in fact, the two can go hand in hand.

Marijuana use can amplify all the benefits that you get from meditating. You can truly benefit from making a ritual of your marijuana and meditation use, and we are going to teach you how.

Marijuana and meditation can be used for the same purposes


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