You’ll Never Bust With Black Jack Sauce in Your Dab

Double down this weekend on Black Jack sauce. A mentholated dab for the high roller in any vape circle, this sauce utilizes a winning combination of two hard-hitting gene pools to help maintain a sense of calm: Black Domina and Jack Herer. The Pit Boss of Quality Resources marijuana sauces, Black Jack helps the experienced consumer maintain a serene poker face when the stakes are unusually high.

Appearance: We have another winner! Black Jack looks like gold from where I dab. Golden, sugary, and loaded with therapeutic compounds derived from the Blackjack strain, this sauce has a wet appearance with a dryish texture. Effectual medicine for those afflicted with stressful situations, nausea, and fatigue, this crumbly sauce instills a jovial mindset, regardless of the hand you’re dealt.

Dab: Hit me! An Indica-dominant sauce with a Sativa kick, Black Jack dissolved like honey in my daily driver – melting slowly and evenly. Dabbed at a relatively low-temp of roughly 375 degrees Fahrenheit, or 180 degrees Celsius, the Black Jack Sauce was a treat for the senses. Dabbed, held, and exhaled, the thick plume of vaporized compounds had a menthol flavor and a distinctive aftertaste.

Flavor: Black Jack has a super piney tang that leaves your mouth refreshed from its diverse genetics. A taste of pine and menthol dominate the senses on the initial dab, as the tongue and palate are bathed by hints of berries. Despite Black Jack’s flavor resembling a twisted version of some menthol-berry flavored gum on the inhale, the dab’s exhale is bionically hazey.

The High: The odds are good, Black Jack Sauce will help alleviate what ails you. Its effects can be immediately felt in both head and body. Mentally revitalizing and physically relaxing, the high leaves you feeling like you just finished a deep tissue massage. So, whether you’re calculating the odds of a dicey hand of Twenty-One in Vegas, or you are just looking to de-stress after a long week of work – the smart money is betting on Black Jack sauce to get the job done.

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