With This Ring, I Thee Weed: add Marijuana to Marriage Ceremonies

By Keiko Beatie

The summer wedding season is upon us, and the ever-expanding socialization of cannabis is now being infused into loving couples’ matrimonial vows. With recreational use of marijuana developing in legalized states, it is creating an abundance of new exciting social scenes.

Now, we’ll find more couples walking down the isle of green nuptials. Weed weddings are here, so let’s look at the various ways you may have a happily-ever-after experience.

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What we are observing is a dynamic array of creative wedding purveyors of cannabis services to accompany the important day of betrothal commitments. An upscale presentation to elevate cannabis use on an iconic day for a couple’s espousal. Items of special themed interest are cannabis-oriented officiants, bud bars with an array of strains for guests to partake in, infused wedding cakes and desserts, cannabis flower arrangements, wedding favors, cannabis decor, smokable honeymoons, and DJs with 420-friendly playlists.

Forever Incredible Shoot, Denver, Colorado

A surge of commerce started in Colorado in 2016 as cannabis wedding planner group Irie Weddings was growing. As it captured the interest of romantic pairs, the planners saw the opportunities for a budding new business with cannabis-themed weddings. Irie Weddings partnered with a cannabis sommelier company, Cultivating Spirits, and the Cannabis Wedding Expo was conceived. The bridal bells soon started to turn green with ganja. Now in its third year with expos in Denver, Cannabis Wedding Expo expanded to San Francisco, then in 2018 to Los Angeles, and there are plans to have expos in  Las Vegas and Boston in 2019.

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So, if a couple desires to have a cannabis-themed wedding and the services to support the big day, what are the social and the legal logistics?

“As legal markets mature, laws and clientele will react. Many are interested in having a cannabis wedding and to understand how the laws work and how the community will respond,” Phillip Wolf of Cannabis Wedding Expo and Cultivated Spirits told me.

Each state has unique laws and restrictions on use and consumption. Regarding locations, the best setting for weddings to take place would be at a private location as many of the regular wedding facilities are not yet embracing this new opportunity.

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Couples or ceremony planners should let the host venue’s owners about the intent to host a cannabis-themed wedding party You wouldn’t want to surprise your grandparents while toking during your vows. That’s happened at some ceremonies. If you do choose to have all ages attend the event, create separate spaces for children and non-users. Make sure you have information available about proper and legal use. It may be a party, but the safety at your wedding should be respected.

Forever Incredible Shoot, Denver, Colorado

As weed weddings are explored, marriage officiant Alan Katz has started to specialize in cannabis weddings. Joint Vows was created to support the green scene, and I spoke to Katz, who created these services. His vision of unique weddings has been a successful path as he started over 20 years ago in being the first California officiant who assisted in LBGTQ wedding services. His insight for romantic cannabis weddings had been a slow process, as he is finding that even with expanding legalization, the available venues are not following that trend.

Katz said, “There doesn’t seem to be enough facilities that are willing to host cannabis weddings as there are interested couples.” But he does feel that as cannabis gains mainstream acceptance, the venues will change their policies.

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If you’re invited to a cannabis wedding, please RSVP, as the opportunity to indulge in this setting can be an even more joyous union. No more hiding out in the back of the church vestibule for a hit. And the official bud bar will be calling your name.

A bud bar typically has a budtender who would host an array of strains, similar to a bartender with shelves of spirits. He or she could have joints, bong, dabs or what your happy couple arrange for their consumption preferences. Top-quality flower would be offered, and the budtender would in most cases offer education on the strains and the benefits they offer.

As a guest, you would feel welcome to experience in a supportive and celebrative nuptial environment. Some weddings may even offer cannabis cocktails, made especially for the couple’s special day. Adding CBD could brighten up the celebration.

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A perfect cannabis wedding is obtainable, and if you envision the vows with a puff infused into the ceremony, a lovely bouquet with real flower, a reception with edibles, a special wedding cake, bud bar, elevated cocktails, a bong hit toast, and green party favors. The loving pair will be able to truly celebrate their cannabis lifestyle and desires into wedded bliss with family and friends. Let’s celebrate romantic green nuptials, and you may now kiss the buds.

Image by: Elizabeth Cryan Photography

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