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Companion planting is basically the essentials of permaculture, and you can bring it right into your marijuana garden. You can use companion plants for warding off pests, for providing nutrients and even for keeping your garden camouflaged. Want to learn how to succeed with companion planting? This article is for you!

Companion planting is an organic way to maintain the health of your cannabis garden and get the best out of it. It draws from the fundamental principles of permaculture. You can both protect your plants from pests and attract insects that are optimal for growth using companion plants.

The surrounding nature is actually the best way to feed your marijuana garden and help you to grow amazing plants. This article is for growers considering companion planting as a method for their next growing cycle!

Reasons to choose companion planting

If you’re looking for reasons to add companion plants to your garden, we can give you many. We will go over the 4 reasons why you should choose specific plants below, but let’s not forget about Bob Ross, who had it right all along:…

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