Whole Plant Medicine & The Entourage Effect

From ancient herbal medicine to modern pharmaceuticals, there was a big change in the human attitude towards medicine. While pharmaceutical medicine had its benefit in scientific and biological understanding, does it offer the best holistic outcome for the patient? This article explores the journey from whole plant medicine to refined single compounds and the benefit of returning to a whole plant medicine.

At the very centre of herbal medicine is the concept of “whole plants”. It’s so hard for the western mind to wrap itself around the concept of whole plant medicine. I attribute this mainly to the fact that western medicine has been busying itself extracting and refining – until of course, we arrived at “the pill”.

When you really think about it, “the pill” hasn’t been around for all that long. We’ve been taking pills as medication for just over 100 years.  Before that, our ancestors were completely into the idea of whole plant medicine.

It might be true that we were only into whole plants because we didn’t yet have the technology to extract and refine….

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