What Won’t ShirJu Do? Edibles.

Being a stoner and not being able to consume edibles feels wrong. It’s always interesting to hear about all the new products adding to the variety of ways to medicate. You have weed, edibles, dabbing, CBD pills — the list goes on. Each person has his or her own preference of consumption, whether it’s smoking a joint after work or eating a brownie before bedtime.

I’m constantly exposed to edibles. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Monty and his Kali Stix and M80’s launch, and even covered the premiere of a designer edibles line. I am gifted and offered edibles more often than not.

And it pains me that I can’t eat any of them. Even with M80 gummies founder Jon Gornbein kindly reminding me they are perfect for microdosing. I won’t do it.


Because of the worst edible experience in my 27 years of life.

Three summers ago, it was one of the hottest days in Los Angeles. It didn’t help we were headed to Valencia, in an area known to be hotter than the coastal LA basin. It was going to be a great day. I was headed to Six Flags Magic Mountain with my two brothers and their friends. Tickets were comped somehow, so we were eager to take advantage.

We got goodies to enhance the experience in the form of sour belt gummies. I can’t remember what lead to me to eating the whole bag, but that was the biggest mistake of my life. There was no turning back.

I fainted and had a seizure as we were waiting to ride Tatsu. I completely blacked out and just remember thinking, “I’m going to die.” In that moment, I was scared. My brothers were there and caught me as I fell back. They said my eyes rolled to the back of my head. Yikes!

We were next in line to ride. I remember going blind and seeing nothing but blackness for the next 30 minutes. My brothers carried me to a bench and gave me water, but my eyesight would not return. I was terrified. I remember how bad I felt for ruining everyone’s day, as all my insecurities flashed before me.

Digging a little deeper on the topic, I was saddened to see the lack of sympathy from a Grasscity forum titled, “Extremely Bad Trip On Edible – Please Help.” Here was someone who, like myself, encountered a terrible experience with edibles and was reaching out for help. The feedback was cold and unempathetic, with one user responding, “It’s just pot you won’t die. You’ll be back to normal soon.”

In a Huffington Post article, Matt Ferner and Nick Wing wrote, “The best way to avoid a bad trip would be to make sure you’re informed about proper dosages and to always approach marijuana, and especially edibles, with caution.”

While it’s reassuring that the effects of THC will fade with time, it’s difficult not to freak out in the moment.

I’m not writing this to share a comical experience or persuade anyone to change their stance with edibles. This is an experience I feel many can relate to. While some may not be as extreme as a seizure, the places our minds take us to during a bad trip can be alarming, to say the least.

That following day, I vowed to never touch edibles again. This isn’t just a resistance, it’s a lifestyle choice that stems from one of the scariest, haunting, unsettling experiences of my life.

There are so many ways to consume cannabis these days and the best way to protect yourself as a consumer is to know your limits and make conscious decisions about your use.

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