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We know that it is the birth right of every stoner to participate in the age-old act of hotboxing. We know that every stoner belongs to a long line of truth seekers and hotboxers. And we are going to pass that knowledge on to you. To learn how to conquer the hotbox, follow the advice in this article!

It seems like an instinctive desire of every stoner to smoke the f*** out of something. We don’t know exactly why it happens, but in the life span of every stoner, the point arrives where the desire to hotbox becomes so strong, it has to be satisfied.

You can hotbox anything if you’ve got enough smoke, and this is entirely the plight of the hotboxing session. So, you’d like to conquer the hotbox? We have some advice for you before you embark, partly concerned with safety, so that you can enjoy one of the most historical ways to use ganja.

Where did hotboxing originate?

The concept of hanging out in a space completely consumed by the intoxicating smoke of marijuana isn’t new. As long back as the seventh century BC, the Scythians (a group of nomadic tribes) were using…

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