What Are The Different Types of Hash?

While there only used to be one thing ever called hash, there are now a multitude of different products that fall under the umbrella of “hash”. Modern technology has given us the chance to upgrade, in a radical way, what is meant by “hash”. Want to know all about the different kinds of hash? You can learn about it in this article.

Do you remember when hash was just about the only cannabis concentrate that we had? It was either buds or hash, and there was basically no confusion. But these days, there are so many different concentrates, it’s hard to draw the line. What’s hash and what’s not? We have increased the number of ways to make hash exponentially.

Depending on how hash is made, it looks different, smells different, tastes different and has a different texture. It might even require a whole new method of ingestion. New technology has also given birth to types of hash that have an unprecedented level of THC concentration – which is exciting for all those who like a really strong hit.

If you’re not familiar with different kinds of hash and you walk into a…

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