What Are Landrace Strains and Why Do They Matter?

Over the last few decades, breeders have been hard at work, dedicating their lives to growing the greatest strains of marijuana we ever knew. But what came before all of this breeding? What was cannabis like before we intruded on natural genetics? This article is all about landraces, the original strains of marijuana.

The cannabis that ends up in the bowls and pipes of the modern-day smoker has a much longer genetic history than we usually give it credit for. Most of the weed that we smoke today is a hybridized strain that must have started somewhere. The topic of today’s conversation is – where is that mysterious “somewhere”?

A lot of people talk about the common ancestor of human beings, that we must have multiplied and multiplied from a single origin. The same is theorized – or actually known – about marijuana. The strains we smoke today are the result of many breeding programs. But they all had the same origin – landraces.

When we talk about landraces, we are talking about what marijuana was before we started breeding, mixing genetics, isolating phenotypes and…

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