What are Differences between Hash and Weed?

The two oldest and most popular ways to use marijuana are to smoke weed or hashish. In fact, hashish was the first marijuana extract that human beings discovered! So how to the two differ? Are the effects different from one to another? Read now to learn the differences between weed and hash.

What are the Differences Between Hash and Weed?

Hash and weed are arguably the two most popular ways to use the cannabis sativa plant. Even though they’re both made of the same stuff, they look completely different and can have a completely different effect. If you’re newly initiated into the world of cannabis, it can be a little bit confusing at the beginning. How can two things made of the same plant be so different to one another?

What you find in the world of cannabis users is that there is usually a preference between the two. Sometimes it just boils down to what you can get where you are. However, most cannabis frequenters either much prefer herbal material or much prefer hashish. So, let’s compare what makes the two different and what makes the two the same.

Different types of…

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