Welcome to Oregon Buds: A Cannabis Podcast That Knows How To Have Fun!

Oregon Buds is heavily guest-driven. It’s always been important to us to bring on everyone from the entry-level workers to the CEOs, and we have done just that. Past guests include cultivators like AJ from Alibi Cannabis, activists such as The Weed Blog’s own Leah Maurer, community leaders Lisa and Samantha from Tokeativity, and plenty of representatives from fantastic consumer brands like Empower and Claywolf. These are busy professionals with a lot on their plate who agreed to sit down, toke up, and let us in to their world and how they got to be where they are now. We’re willing to discuss anything on our guests’ minds, but it’s not all business! We usually seem to have a way of convincing our buds to let down their hair. (Product samples, mostly, so toke along while you listen!)

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About The Weed Blog

Since its inception, TWB has been based in activism and the mobilization and movements for marijuana policy reform happening around the country. It was created for one purpose: to facilitate a constructive conversation about marijuana in America. This includes both medical and recreational marijuana policy, as well as the marijuana industry and culture.