Weed Is Legal in Massachusetts and Vermont, but You Still Can’t Buy It

This process may significantly delay the rollout of legal sales, as the CCC reports that they have not even received one complete application for this type of permit.

The state’s existing medical marijuana dispensaries are likely to become the first recreational retailers in the state, and several of these businesses have already been working to expand for increased sales. Revolutionary Clinics, which currently operates a medical marijuana dispensary and cultivation facility in Somerville, are planning to expand their total grow space to 100,000 square feet, the maximum space allowed by law. “We’ve already been investing in this business for months now, we decided to quadruple our growth space in Fitchburg, we’re spending a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of money in expanding our facilities out there.”

CCC Chairman Steve Hoffman said that he understands the industry’s frustration over the lack of retail stores.

The lack of legal sales has concerned many industry insiders that black market weed will continue to thrive throughout New England. Even when sales do go online in Massachusetts, some worry that the state’s recreational cannabis tax, which can reach up to 20% in some areas, will deter residents from buying legal weed.

An ounce of black market marijuana is currently selling for as low as $150 an ounce in Massachusetts today, significantly less than the $300 to $350-per-ounce price of legal medical cannabis in the Bay State.

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