Vermont Lawmakers Propose Bill to Allow Taxed and Regulated Cannabis Sales – News

Vermont’s current law creates a legal grey area where there is a strong demand for pot, but no legal supply for those who can’t or won’t cultivate their own. This year might be a different story as a coalition of Democratic, Republican, and Progressive party lawmakers are now pushing for the bill to pass this year, according to Marijuana Moment.

State Rep. Diana Gonzalez has been working throughout this year’s legislative session to pass an amendment creating a retail cannabis market. “You can’t buy or sell,” Gonzalez said to Vermont Public Radio.

“Ultimately what we need are the votes, and in our conversations it looks like we have them,” Gonzalez told Marijuana Moment.

Although support is growing, there are still several government officials who remain opposed to enacting a retail sales market so soon after passing the first legalization law. Scott has previously said that the legislature should focus on enacting further highway and public safety laws before going ahead with retail sales. Gov. David Zuckerman said that he has talked to a number of Republicans in the Vermont House and found increasing support for retail sales.″ target=” blank”>told VPR. “So if Progressives, the Republicans that think this is the better way, and the many Democrats that inherently support this come together, I think we have a majority.

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