U.S. reportedly issuing lifetime travel bans for anyone even remotely connected to Canada’s legal cannabis industry : worldnews

And here it begins, I was wondering when this topic would rear its ugly head.

The US has a very aggressive stance against countries that don’t follow US federal drug policy. Uruguay found out the hard way when their legal marijuana market almost crippled the nation’s banking system, as the US still very much controls global banking, and blocked Uruguayan banks that handled marijuana trade from doing any international transactions.

Canada’s big banks are all very invested and interested in the future marijuana market, and they are also heavily involved in US banking. What’s this going to do to them?

The US just doesn’t give a shit, they want final say on your nation’s internal laws and policy or they’ll keep acting like the bullies they are.

Ultimately, the old game must continue, if you plan on travelling to the US and they ask you if you’ve ever consumed marijuana at any time in your life, legal or not, you say no, unless you want your trip to end then and there.

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