U.S. reportedly issuing lifetime travel bans for anyone even remotely connected to Canada’s legal cannabis industry : worldnews

I really wish I could share your optimism but while we are debating the finer points of cannabis legality, congress is continueing to add more plants and substances to the schedule under the guise of fighting our opioid epidemic in an act that is so broadly written they would be able to place almost any harmless herbal supplement on their schedule if they desire.

It’s called SITSA and It has the potential of placing more plants on their schedule. An ironic example would be being able to schedule Kratom, a plant that has been helping opioid and heroin addicts kick their habits. Ironic, isn’t it?

If anyone is curious, Kratom contains a chemical that can be considered an analog to opiates. There has been debate over placing this on schedule 1 despite the fact that Kratom does not share any of the harms associated with opiate use such as respiratory depression so there is no overdose death risk, and anecdotally, does not cause a physical dependence while still providing relief from their actual opiate dependence. Kratom sounds like a better method of kicking opiates over our current, largely ineffective methods of tapering addicts with, yep you guessed it, pharmaceutical analogs to opiates such as methadone, suboxone, etc… It is at least worth researching further but we can scratch that idea if it gets scheduled 1.

Our government is too deeply corrupt and fucked in the head for me to have any hope left for us.

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