Trump’s New Communications Director Thinks Legal Weed Is Creating Cities Full of “Pot Zombies” – News

Sean Spicer is unemployed. The bumbling, stumbling White House Communications Director officially resigned yesterday and was almost immediately replaced by self-described “American entrepreneur” and Trump golf buddy Anthony Scaramucci. But while “the Mooch” took the storied podium yesterday to tell the American public that Trump would be doing “a lot of winning,” everyone else was busy looking through Scaramucci’s old tweets to find out what really makes him tick.

And while Trump has been famously quick to disparage anyone who so much as looks at him funny, Scaramucci’s public opinions show that the New Yorker has tweeted in support of increased gun control, gay rights and Hillary Clinton’s competence. But while he may be a little more liberal-leaning than his predecessor, when it comes to weed, “the Mooch” is directly in line with Spicer, Sessions and the rest of the right wing’s fear mongering pot pariahs.

In a tweet from 2015, Scaramucci quoted a story from…

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