Trump and Sessions:Mikki Norris and Chris Conrad’s Story – part 6

The last instalment of our series with veteran cannabis activists Mikki Norris and Chris Conrad looks to the future for cannabis in the United States under the highly questionable presidency of Donald Trump, and Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General who has repeatedly made anti-cannabis moves.

In the area of cannabis, as in many other areas, Donald Trump has made vague and often contradictory statements both before and after his surprise presidential victory. As Mikki says at the beginning of this video, on the campaign trail he said that cannabis should be a “state by state” issue, implying that individual states would be able to decide their own cannabis policies. Once in power, however, he appointed Jeff Sessions as Attorney General; some of his first acts were to overturn policies put in place by Barak Obama to protect cannabis policies fairly decided by individual states.

Chris adds to this that, although Sessions claims that “good people don’t smoke marijuana” and that he is strongly against it, in all likelihood Sessions will work out a way to continue turning a profit for his and Trump’s “friends”.


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