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Growing weed isn’t as easy as brewing a cup of tea, but it shouldn’t be like explaining relativity theory either. There seem to be some common mistakes among those who are (relatively) new to growing cannabis. If you think you know how to grow weed, make sure you read this article and avoid making rookie mistakes!

I remember the first time I was ever growing weed. Suddenly, a world of possibilities opened up. Well, mainly the possibility that my friends and I would be smoking for free. It’s exciting, until the moment you realize that you have no idea how to grow pot.

Thanks to the internet, which is just about the world’s best university, there’s no real need to know how to grow marijuana. You’ll learn right? Well, of course – but not without making some mistakes first.

The thing about growing marijuana is it’s never going to be perfect the first time. The world’s best growers became the best by doing it a million times over, correcting their mistakes and making all the necessary amendments to bring it to perfection. I don’t mean to make growing cannabis sound…

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