TIL the founder of Herbalife died after overdosing on non-herbal sleep aids : todayilearned

It acts like opiates for a reason. The same reason that you will get withdrawals from taking kratom in high doses over a long period of time. I personally know one guy who ended up in rehab and the only thing he took was kratom. He has told me of a few more he has met that went through withdrawal symptoms just like opiates cause. All the data out there says kratom is an opiate analog.

Really wish folks would look at the science and quit their bullshit.

“Kratom is a plant, it’s nothing like opiates.”

Opium poppies are a plant too ya know? Coca leaves also come from plants.

People overdose from concentrated versions of opioids and from cocaine. I can’t find any solid info of anyone overdosing and dying from smoking opium or chewing coca leaves. Millions have died from the drugs derived from those plants.

The danger is in someone finding an easy and cheap way to concentrate what is in kratom in order to make it easy to get high. That is the reason it will end up being Schedule 1.

Just tell folks to use cannabis if you want to reccomend something. Everything that kratom can do there are strains of cannabis that can do the same. What I do have an issue with is people making claims about medical uses for a plant product like kratom that has never really been studied for any of those conditions. People paid hundreds of dollars for colloidal minerals and claimed they cured what was wrong with them.

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