This Weekend’s LA Cannabis Cup Could be Low Point For High Times

So, get this. High Times was supposed to throw one of their famous Cannabis Cups in the Los Angeles area this weekend to celebrate 420, but now there may not even be any weed there.

The storied cannabis competition scheduled for this weekend in San Bernardino, which has been going strong for three decades, had their application for an event license denied by San Bernardino City Council Wednesday in a unanimous decision (6-0).

After the Jan. 1, 2018 implementation of marijuana legalization in California, all events where cannabis consumption will take place must be approved at the state and local levels.

A spokesperson for High Times said tickets may have to be refunded to attendees who paid anywhere from $60 to $420 to attend the Cannabis Cup. The spokesperson added that even without cannabis, the music festival portion of the event could run as scheduled.

Marquee acts like Lil Wayne, Nas, Rick Ross, and 2 Chainz are set to take the stage, but they better hit Weedmaps to line up a delivery before they get to the festival, as they could have trouble finding product once on-site.

It is not clear whether the spokesperson was aware Coachella was also happening this weekend. Chances are, fans may have picked a more robust musical lineup had they known the Cannabis Cup would be weed-free.

Though the event couldn’t make it past the local approval process, California Bureau of Cannabis Control chief Lori Ajax told the City Council in an email that the state would approve the application if the city did.

Representatives of the city’s legal team said  these applications are typically submitted for approval 60 days before the event starts.

The fact that High Times would throw a Cannabis Cup with no actual weed in attendance makes it look like the organization is operating as more of an Onion-style marijuana news outlet these days, kind of a satirical poke at the category they helped originate.

More evidence:

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To answer the third question regarding weed’s chances of survival in a nuclear war scenario: as much as we love it, cannabis is still just a flower, dude. It’s fairly flammable.

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